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Place of Origin: Mang Fei Shan, Yongde, Lincang, Yunnan

Vintage: 2012 Spring

Tea Varietal: Camellia sinensis var assamica

Harvest Time: Mid March

Flavor: Fresh, mellow, and flowery with a deep and thick aftertaste.

Liquor: Clear golden-yellow liquid


This Mang Fei Raw Pu'er Tea Cake is made entirely of tea leaves harvested from 80-100 years old arbor tea trees during Mid-March, 2012. Mang Fei arbor tea has hairy buds and stout leaves.


Lincang drew the attention of more and more people because of its pu'er teas of good quality at keen prices in recent years. Yong De County of Lin Cang is known for having a nice environment and an abundance of old trees. Mang Fei Shan located in Yong De county, Lincang prefecture is home to many wild arbor trees with a pristine environment. Mang Fei pu'er is widely recognized as a prized region by pu'er dealers and fans in recent years.

2012 Yongde Mang Fei Raw Puerh

  • 5-8 gr of tea per 150 ml boiling water, 1 rinse, 5 second infusions, up to 20 infusions

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