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sáb, 29 jun



Taiwanese Wild Tea Tasting with Master Cho

Taiwanese Wild Tea Tasting with Master Cho
Taiwanese Wild Tea Tasting with Master Cho

Horario y ubicación

29 jun 2024, 8:00 p. m. – 9:00 p. m. GMT-4



Acerca del evento

You're invited to an exclusive online tea ceremony with Wild Tea Master Cho, a renowned tea master from Taiwan's forests. Discover the vibrant energy of authentic Taiwanese Wild Teas crafted with care and tradition.

Tea has been revered since ancient times as a powerful elixir for both body and mind. 

Master Cho immerses himself in the forests of Taiwan, honing his senses to create energy-rich teas that embody the essence of the earth.  In 2016, Wild Tea Master Cho founded the brand “Chanosuke,” which in Japanese means to “help people understand real tea.”

Join us as he guides you through a unique tea-tasting experience, sharing stories of his journey into the wild, his meticulous growing process, and the intricate art of tea making.  Learn about the profound connection between tea tree growth and the distinctive flavors they produce. Savor the rich, natural energy of mountain-grown wild tea and delve into the enchanting world of Chanosuke.

Don’t miss this chance to experience the magic of Wild Tea with Master Cho. Reserve your spot now and embark on a sensory adventure—authentic Taiwanese Wild Teas by Cho, a tea master from Taiwan’s forests. 

In ancient times, tea was used as energy medicine for the body and mind. To create energy-rich tea from the earth, a man in Taiwan goes into the forest alone to hone his body’s senses. That person is “Wild Tea Master Cho.”  Tea, in addition to being a beverage, can also be a natural health elixir.  

In this online tea ceremony-sharing session, Wild Tea Master Cho will guide you to experience his tea and share stories of how he finds, grows, and makes Wild Tea.   He will also share the relationship between the growth of tea trees and the “taste” of tea.  Experience the delicious energy from the mountains while tasting wild tea and exploring Chanosuke’s world of Wild Tea.

Due to the logistics of shipping the teas to you in time for the event, the RSVP will close on Friday, June 14, 2024.  

Please RSVP in time.  After June 14, 2024, no RSVP's will be accepted.  

The cost of this event will be $45.  The cost includes;

  • 1-Hour Guide Tea Tasting with Tea MasterCho
  • Two Wild Taiwanese Teas selected  byTea Master Cho
  1. 【Wild Mountain Black Tea】  Growing in the wild in Yuchi, Nantou, Taiwan, Harvested only once a year. The taste is rich, clean, round, and smooth. Caramelized sugar is enhanced with elegant floral and soft woody flavors.
  2. 【Wild Honey Flavored White Tea】  Growing in the wild in Renai, Nantou, Taiwan, Harvested only once a year. The fresh floral aromas envelop the palate, with the finish carrying a hint of fine butter and sweet honey notes.
  • Shipping of teas from Taiwan to NYC
  • Shipping of teas from NYC to Your Location 


  • Tea Master Cho

    La venta finaliza el: 28-jun, 11:59 p. m. GMT-4




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