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Place of Origin: Xiang Zhu Lin, Mengku, Lincang, Yunnan

Vintage: 2019 SpringTea

Varietal: Camellia Sinensis var Assamica

Harvest Time: early April

Flavor: Fresh, mellow, and flowery with a deep and thick aftertaste.

Liquor: Clear golden-yellow liquid


This cake was produced in a small place named Xiang Zhu Lin (which literally means "Fragrant Bamboo Forest") located southwest of a big mountain, opposite and about 10 kilometers away from the famous village Bing Dao, in Gengma, Lincang, where there are about 20,000 ancient puer trees, among which dozens were estimated to be more than 500 years old and 20+ more than 800 years old, It was produced by local Luhu Minority people from trees over 500-years-old.


The four Chinese characters(古树单株) on the wrapper mean "Gu Shu Dan Zhu" which literally translated to"Ancient Tree Single Bush". Dan Zhu tea is different from regular raw pu'er tea. It is exclusively made of a single selected tea bush. The yield from one big tree is between 4-12KGs. No doubt, Dan Zhu pu'er tea gives a very distinctive taste and character.


South West Yunnan (near Myanmar) consists of many villages at an altitude as high as 1900-2200m. Here there are pu'er trees that have been left to grow in the wild for a long time. In Chinese, it is called Ye Fang Dan Zhu Pu-erh (野放单株茶). Ye Fang means, “left in wild”. These Dan Zhu pu'er teas give extraordinary long-lasting aftertaste. The finishing of the flavor is extremely long and the taste is very deep.

2019 Xiang Zhu Lin Gushu Danzhu Pu'er

  • 5-8 gr of tea per 150 ml boiling water, 1 rinse, 5 second infusions, up to 20 infusions

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