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Harvest Date: April 2023

Harvest Location: Lu Shan, Jianxi, China

Elevation: 800m 



Yun Wu translates to ‘Cloud and Mist,’ referring to the cool and misty climate at Lu Shan, perfect for promoting tea growth. Lu Shan is a mountainous area in the northern part of Jiangxi Province. Its name is derived from the growing conditions at Lushan. The cloud cover provides shading for the plants, resulting in slower growth. The clouds also surround them with mist. These factors combine to produce that sweet, vegetal taste profile in Yunwu tea.


2023 Lushan Yunwu

$9.00 Precio
$4.50Precio de oferta
Tamaño: 1 onza
    • Water Temp: 180°F
    • Water Amount: 150ml
    • Tea Amount: 3g
    • Steeping Time: 1m/1.5m/2m/3m
    • # of Infusions: 3-4 infusions 
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