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Place of Origin: Duo Yi Shu, Yiwu, Yunnan

Vintage: 2022 Spring

Tea Varietal: Camellia sinensis var assamica

Harvest Time: Mid March

Flavor: Fresh, mellow, and flowery with a deep and thick aftertaste.

Liquor: Clear golden-yellow liquid

Yiwu is reknown in the world of pu'er for producing some of the most fragrant, aromatic pu'er packed with slowly graduating high qi. Within Yiwu, there are several villages which have become more popular because of the exceptional production of quality pu'er.  Duo Yi Shu is just such a region. Duo Yi Shu translates to sour papaya, so called because of the abundance of wild grown sour papaya growing there. This Duo Yi Pu'er is produced from the 2022 spring harvest.  It holds true the the Yiwu reputation.

2022 Duo Yi Shu Pu'er

  • 5-8 gr of tea per 150 ml boiling water, 1 rinse, 5 second infusions, up to 20 infusions

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