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Harvest Location: Lao Cai Province, Northern Vietnam

Cultivar: Shan Tuyet Ancient Trees

Elevation: 1500m

Harvest: Spring 2024


Harvest Location: Ta Xua Mountain, Vietnam

Cultivar: Shan Tuyet Ancient Trees

Elevation: 1700m

Harvest: Spring 2024

Discover the exquisite flavors of Vietnam with our Lao Cai Shantuyet White Tea and Ta Xua Shantuyet White Tea comparison set.

Both teas are handcrafted by the skilled H'Mong people in Northern Vietnam and are produced from the same base leaf, however, they each unveil unique taste experiences shaped by their distinct terroir, local processing techniques, and elevation.

Lao Cai Shantuyet whispers delicate, floral notes, while Ta Xua Shantuyet reveals a bold, earthy richness.

Ultimately, personal preference and the subtle nuances of each tea will dictate which one you prefer.

2024 Vietnamese Shan Tuyet White Tea Comparison

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