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Harvest Date: 2023

Harvest Location: Fenhuang Shan, Guandong

Dry Leaf: Roasted strip curls

Flavor: Apricot and honey

Aroma: Orchards


Dancong Hong Cha Mi Lan Xiang translates to Honey Orchard Aroma. It is produced in Fenghuang Shan, Guandong Province, China, a region traditionally famed for its floral and fruity dancong teas.

It is made from tea leaves harvested from the Mi Lan Xiang varietal and was charcoal roasted 2 times for 20 hours each roast.

Fenghuang Dancong Mi Lan Xiang - Dark Roast

  • Vessel: Gaiwan

    Tea Amount: 5 grams

    Water Amount: 110ml

    Water Temperature: 212 F

    Steeping Time: 3s/5s/5s/10s/10s/15s/20s/30s

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