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Harvest Date: Summer 2021
Harvest Location: Zhu Shan, Nantou, Taiwan
Elevation: 600m (1,968ft)
Cultivar: Jinxuan Oolong

Dry Leaf: Ball rolled Oolong. 60% oxidized. Medium/Heavy Roast


Gui Fei Oolong is made in a similar fashion to Oriental Beauty in that the tea leaves are bitten by small insects just prior to harvesting. It is the insects biting the leaves that give these teas their unique honey characteristic aroma and taste and also initiate the oxidization process.


The main difference with Gui Fei is that

     1.) it is grown in the central regions of Taiwan (Oriental beauty is grown primarily in the North) 

     2.) Gui Fei is processed using traditional Dong Ding Oolong processing techniques.

Gui Fei

    • Water Temp: 205°F
    • Water Amount: 110ml
    • Tea Amount: 4g
    • Steeping Time: 1m/45s/45s/1m/1,5m/2m
    • # of Infusions: 6-8 infusions 
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