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Have you ever wondered if there was really a big difference between leaf material from different kinds of bushes and trees?


Let's find out...


This Pu'er Gushu Comparison Tasting Set contains six 7-gram samples of Wuliang Pu'er

1-Bush Leaf Material

2-Pruned, Dwarf Tree Material

3-Gushu Leaf Material - two trees only blend

4-Gushu Leaf Material - blend

5-Gushu Single Tree Leaf Material- cooked fast

6-Single Tree Leaf Material - cooked slow and kneaded hard


Recommended Tasting Comparisons:

1-Bush vs Gushu Tree Blend

This comparison will show two opposite sides in the quality spectrum, proving that simply stating the region is not a sufficient identifier of quality

2-Gushu (pruned, dwarf type tree) vs Gushu (two trees blended)

In the 80s it was thought a good idea to cut the trees down so that it would be easier to pick. This cutting, creating dwarf trees, also affected the roots, causing them to spread across the topsoil rather than grow deeper into the ground. This comparison will highlight the effects on the final product.

3-Single Tree Gushu (fast cook) vs Single Tree Gushu (slow cook and deep knead)

Traditionally, during the fixation, kill-green stage, leaf material was cooked for a short fast period allowing enzymes to remain active, producing a harsh, bitter tea , which needed to rest for 7-10 years before brewing

In more modern times. a slower, longer cooking is done, which makes the tea more aromatic and pleasant to drink immediately, however, there is concern about the aging abilityof this style of pu'er.

Pu’er Gushu Comparison Tasting Set

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