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Harvest Location: Ta Xua Mountain, Northwest Vietnam

Cultivar: Shan Tuyet Ancient Trees

Elevation: 1700m

Explore the unique flavors of Vietnam with our Shantuyet Tea Comparison set, featuring five distinct teas crafted from the Shan Tuyet tea tree cultivar, harvested on Ta Xua Mountain in Northwest Vietnam.

This set includes ten grams each of six exceptional teas:

2024 Ta Xua White Tea

2024 Green Tea

2024 Red Tea

2024 Dragon Tea

2023 Shoumei White Tea Cake

2023 Puer-Style Tea Cake

Handcrafted by the skilled H'Mong people of Northern Vietnam, these teas are produced from the ancient Shan Tuyet tea tree cultivar. Each tea offers a unique taste experience, influenced by its specific processing techniques.

Discover your favorite among these carefully curated teas and savor the rich heritage and nuanced flavors of each selection.

Vietnamese Shan Tuyet Tea Comparison

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