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Harvest Location: Ta Xua Mountain, , Northern Vietnam

Cultivar: Shan Tuyet Ancient Trees

Elevation: 1700m

Harvest: Spring 2023

Shan Tuyet tea of ​​Ta Xua mountain region is a natural tea variety, hundreds of years old, growing at an altitude of 1500-2000m. This region has a harsh climate, cold winters, and lots of snow. Shan Tuyết translates as “Snow Mountain” and references the clouds and cold foggy mists where these ancient trees grow. The living conditions are harsh, but the Shan Tuyet tea trees still grow strongly, surviving alongside the many generations of the H'Mong people in Ta Xua - Son La.

The tea has the aroma of the forest. The taste is mild, the aftertaste is sweet.

Vietnamese Shan Tuyet White Tea

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